Hard to Handle

Black Crow
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″, oil on canvas, all sides are painted, signed on back


(location: New York)

So, apparently when coming up with a week based on a single pun, things can get “Hard to Handle”. And when, sleep-deprived, the only Rockstar pun I could come up with was “The Black Coals” like the black crowes… well, I decided to take it in a slightly different angle. Yes, the painting is inspired by them, and yes I listened to their music while I was painting, and yes they really do rock.

But I wanted the crow to represent all of rock. Like the phoenix rising out of a pile of coal, the crow gives all classic rockers the chance to come back and tour. (Well that and the fact that video games like Rockband and Guitar Hero have really expanded the fan base).

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