End of Week One

Monkey Meets Flying Banana
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″, oil on canvas, painted on all sides, signed on back


location: New York

This painting is based on the very first sketch I made of a flying banana. Trying to capture the first time a monkey would ever come across such a thing. I couldn’t imagine what might be going through his head.

and this signals the END OF WEEK ONE! no more flying bananas for awhile – some of you may be relieved, some sad. For those of you who have stuck by this, thank you so much. It has been so fun… and it is all just beginning. Next week is a new series of five paintings. So if flying bananas suit your fancy, make your way over to ebay and bid on your favorite.

Would love to hear which was your favorite banana painting, and why!

Enjoy your American Independence day — and your weekend!

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