It’s a Ninja Cat! A Cat that’s a Ninja!

(note: since multiple people asked me… I started putting painting prices on the website… just click on any picture, and when it expands, it should show the price. always feel free to email me as well — and I will send you a pdf of all available works!)

Kyle, you just finished painting a ninja cat appearing out of a smoke bomb explosion that gives a not-so-obvious nod to a painter you respect. WHAT are you going to do NOW?

I’m going to DISNEYWORLD! seriously, I am. that’s why I put this painting online on Sunday. (oh, btw, the image below isn’t all that clear… I had to take it quickly. next week I will upload a much better image of NinCat)

Nincat is going to be a new favorite character of mine… keep an eye out!

“NinCat: Kablam”
36″ x 36″ x 1.5″, acrylic on canvas, all sides are painted
$500 SOLD
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