A Ninja Web Comic, crazy musings about the year 2010: What is Kyle’s art in the year 2010?

hmmm. two weeks until the new year. 2010. the year where everything sounds like an epic science fiction movie from the 80s. 2010 was destined to have prison islands, holographic chambers, giant monsters from space, and more… so as you can see it’s a big year.

that brings me to kyleart. me as an artist. making pretty visual things. what is 2010 going to bring for me?!?!

Any ideas? I am going to post some of my thought process here, so feel free to chime in… otherwise it will be a big fat discussion that Kyle has on his own.

as this week’s Monday Madness (I know it’s tuesday) I am going to share an endeavor with you that I THOUGHT was going to be kyleart 2010… the world of webcomics. I spent a lot of time playing around with ideas, sketching stuff, exploring the economics of comics, etc…

my final analysis? while webcomics can actually turn into a decent job and career, and there are some awesome webcomics out there… it seemed to be too pigeon-holey for me. at the end of five years of work… while there would be quite a few strips/books/merch that would have been made… at the end, I would have been a webcomic, as opposed to an artist.


oh! and here I want to share with you the strip I was working on:

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