WEEK THREE: Rockin’ Out

Lead Zeppelin
12″ x 12″ x 1.5″, oil on canvas, all sides are painted, signed on back

(location: New York)

A fantastic band. And a fantastic element.

The lead rock star in the painting features an alchemical symbol for lead (inclusion inspired by the mystical symbols that each member of the band has as a logo)… and if you flip the alchemical symbol, you can see an L and a Z… Led Zeppelin

Music has been a huge influence in my life. Especially music that rocks. So this week, I tribute some really great bands – Kyle Style. Punning their names with types of rocks, and then creating a visual inspired by their music.

I present to you week three, the RockStars series.

The RockStars series came about as an idea of a reinvention of the 80s fad pet rock. Wouldn’t it be cool to buy star shaped rocks dedicated to different bands? Well, since i have no idea how to cut star-shaped rocks and sell them in kmarts everywhere… I have decided to incorporate them into some fine art. BUT IF SOMEONE WANTS TO GO INTO BUSINESS WITH THIS… feel free to give me a call!

Rock on, blog readers.

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