WEEK FIVE: how romantic!

the Sunset
16″ x 12″ x 1.5″, oil on canvas, all sides are painted, signed on back

(location: California)

as the entire horizon embraces your love

Enter with me, into the romantic side of Kyle. Romantic-Kyle is the one that watches Amelie every morning over breakfast, adds a petunia to his smoothie, and would love to spend the rest of his life lounging around Paris (said Pair-Ee). He sings back to the birds and always skips (not class, but that way of walking that means you’re no longer manly). But this week, Romantic-Kyle paints everyday… five new romps in the lovey-dovey.

about theTouch series: attempting to capture universal moments in time; moments of romantic physical connection with another person: the electricity sent up your arm as you hold hands for the first time, the way the world fades away yet gets more vibrant

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