WEEK EIGHT! Monsters and Robots! my word! Daily Paintings Are Back!

The Kyle Daily Paintings are back in action!

I frantically unpacked the last boxes from my move this morning and quickly began painting today’s painting.

This week (week Eight) I explore MONSTERS! and ROBOTS! yay!

Whether they are horrifying us, making us feel small and helpless, or enstirring us with excitement for future possibilities… monsters and robots help us explore the furthest reaches of our imaginations. Take a walk with me down Kyle-Imagination Lane. It was going to be a Circle, but that is reductive, and it is definitely longer than a Court. I just think that Lane fills it with character. Or Way. It could also be Kyle-Imagination Way.

right. monsters. and robots.

12″ x 12″ x 1.5″, oil on canvas, all sides are painted, signed on back

(location: New York)

Gunthera is the cousin of Godzilla. He is obviously still of the large and green and lumbering family of monsters.

Here, he is attacking New York City with his lighting breath. Or he is using New York as a homebase while he attacks New Jersey, or gasp… my home in Williamsburg.

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