kyleart RULES, mondays DROOL

Finally! Kyleart is back! Shazam!

The latest, greatest Kyle initiative has been… well… initiated! KYLE ART RULES…MONDAYS DROOL! Mondays are a bore no more! Every week, I pledge to rock your monday mornings with a brand new kyleart piece of art. It could be a new painting, desktop wallpaper, tshirt designs, a video of me doing a jig…. who knows? As long as it could be loosely argued as visual art… that’s what you’re going to get.

Waitasecond… it’s Monday! I know because I have to go to work after a weekend of fun (or in my case, working). That means ::GASP:: there’s a new kyleart to make my monday friggin’ awesome… well this week…. drumroll… drumline… I have completely revamped my website. Take some time as you are shaking off the weekend willies to peruse it. For many of you, there are a handful of new paintings in there, too. Enjoy – and come back next week for the latest and greatest (of kyle stuff)

of course, if you are reading this at my blog, then you’ve already seen it.
COME BACK NEXT MONDAY for the next installment of kyleart!

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